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Joe Biden just became the most extreme anti-gun candidate in the democratic party field. Not only did he vow to …
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Papier Peint Photo Sable Côte Windpink pinkau Liwwing Numéro 3179 Red Flag Laws: This is What the Rest of the Country Can Expect Should They Pass
Second Amendment
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Let this serve as another warning. On August 19 I wrote an article here about so-called “Red Flag Laws” in Oregon …
Oh No Joe! Senile Biden Blames White People For Racism
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3D Family Scholar 743 Wall Paper Murals Wall Print Wall Wallpaper Mural AU Kyra
Papier Peint Photo Chute D'Eau Arbres Forêt Thaïlande Lake Eau Mer Liwwing There he goes again! In what appears to be a bizarre attempt to sabotage his own presidential bid, Joe Biden …
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Now They’re Coming For Your Hamburgers: Comrade Bernie Backs Tax On Meat
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While Americans enjoy the Labor Day weekend by firing up their barbecues, the rabid left is ready to come for …