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Celebrate Memorial Day with a red, white and blue kids' craft. Along with making fabulously artsy flags, your kiddo can get crafty (and patriotic) with these easy art activities for preschoolers! Patriotic Paint What do you need for this easy art exploration? It's simple! Pour your child a pool of red tempera paint, another of blue and a third of white. Instead of a pricey palette, reuse the side of a cardboard box or a paper plate. After pouring the paint your child can dip their fingertips into the tempera, creating a patriotic masterpieces of card stock or construction paper....

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Make Mother's Day extra special with this easy to make kids' card craft. Start with a discussion (minus mom—for the surprise factor) about what makes the matriarch of the family so very important. Take the kiddos' ideas and help them to transform what they love about mom into a cute card. Materials You'll Need Card stock paper (8x10-inch size) Markers, crayons or colored pencils An envelope How-To Instructions Fold the paper in half, card-style. Ask your child to draw a picture of mom on the front of the card. Refer back to the list of what makes mom so important....

May 21st marks World Day for Cultural Diversity. Help your child to understand the similarities and differences between people of different geographic areas, religions and more with these fun-filled family-friendly activities. Visit a Museum There are plenty of ways to learn about different cultures by visiting art, history and natural history museums. View art from other places and times, engage in an interactive exhibit that features people from another culture or choose another area of the world to find artifacts from. Discuss what your child views, pointing out the cultural significance of each object or art item. Make a Meal...

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Is your preschooler looking for a fun-filled, artsy Mother's Day activity? Break out the paints and other materials and try this cute craft! This is perfect for kids ages three through five, giving them a way to build fine motor skills, express creativity and make something adorable for mom. What You'll Need: A cardboard milk carton Scissors Card stock paper Clear-drying school glue Tempera paintbrush Potting soil A seedling or small plant Project Steps Cut the milk carton in half. If you're using a smaller size, cut the top off. Make sure the carton is thoroughly washed and dried. Glue...

How To Spend Mother’s Day with Your New Baby

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It's your first Mother's Day. Congrats! What should you do to celebrate with your growing family? If you're a new mommy, check out theses easy (and fun) parent-baby ideas to mark this very special day. Day at the Park Pack the diaper bag, nestle baby in the stroller and spend an afternoon together at a nearby park. Even though baby isn't ready for a picnic lunch, you can bring your own lunch. Story Time If you're looking for an at-home option that allows you to spend quality time with your kiddo, a baby-mommy story time is it. Pick a colorful...

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Earth Day Recycled Art Activities for Kids

Forget about buying pricey art supplies. Celebrate Earth Day by upcycling what you already have at home. Take the kids for a scavenger hunt around the house, looking for cardboard, fabric and anything else to reuse. After you've stocked your crafting cabinet with recycled items, check out these kids' holiday crafts. Collage Portrait Your kiddo can create a self-portrait or an artistic version of a friend, family member or important person who affects environmental change with recycled magazine or newspaper scraps. Start with side of an old cardboard box. If it has lettering on it, your child can paint over...

Celebrate Administrative Professionals Day with These Activities

What can you do to celebrate Administrative Professionals Day? This special day falls on April 24, making it a spring holiday to mark on your calendar now. Before the day gets here, check out these easy options to show your total appreciation for everything these professionals do. Office Coffee Bar Forget about sending an employee out for coffee. Set up your own in-office coffee bar. Either make a variety of flavored coffees or buy at least two picks and bring them in. Add flavored creamers and other similar toppings to the bar. For an extra-special touch, celebrate each administrative professional...

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Earth Day Upcycled Collage Craft for Kids

3D Toaru Majutsu No Index 44 Japan Anime Bed Pillowcases Quilt Duvet Cover Singl

Help your little learner to better understand the importance of Earth Day with this creative kids' craft. Instead of throwing everything away, explore the possibilities of upcycling! Go on a whole home scavenger hunt with the kiddos, searching for items to collage into a giant planet project. Look for paper/paper scraps, old fabric/clothes or anything else that your child can glue onto cardboard. Before the art-making starts, talk to your child about why reusing and recycling is important. Ask them what they think happens to everything they throw into the trash and discuss where these items could end up (such...

Combine a cute kids' craft with DIY décor! These Easter table toppers will add a special something to your holiday meal and keep the kiddos busy in the hours leading up to it. Cardboard Bunnies Reuse old cardboard paper towel rolls, turning them into bunny table toppers. Cut each tube into three or four segments. Your child can paint the outside of the tube with temperas. Let the cardboard dry. As the paint is drying, cut out circle shapes from card stock paper. Add two small ovals to the top as ears. Your child can decorate the circle (the bunny's...

Passover Matzo Cooking No-Bake Cooking Ideas for Kids

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Cooking with kids is a fun way to involve your little chef in themed activities that teach lessons in science, math and so much more. Prepare for Passover with a few easy matzo recipes that your child can help to make. These no-bake ideas are perfect for children who are preschool age and up. PB and Matzo Start this kids' cooking activity with a math lesson. Give your child a full sheet of matzo and ask them to divide it into two equal halves. Older kids can divide the sheet into other fractions, such as thirds or quarters. Help your...

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